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Azelle Love was born a mixed creole girl from loving parents and raised in Michigan. Azelle comes from a hard working family and believes anything worth having is worth working for. Growing up in the inner city nothing came easy and it was a struggle just trying to stay out of harms way, but it was those streets that gave her the life experiences that brought her to where she is today. Azelle was one of the first in her family to finish high school and go to college, earning her Assoc. in Business and Finance.

Azelle is a dynamic leader focused on organization key performance. She is determine to make things happen for you on Azelle Love Radio show on WBKE Radio.

Azelle Love business offering
* Modeling/Hosting events and advertising events on her show.
* Supporting local business thru guest appearances on her show and Playing your Ad on her show
* Supporting local artists and DJs thru advertising and playing your music on her show


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