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Live On Q.U.E. (Quality Undiscovered Entertainment) an Artist Development Program for underground and unsigned performing artists. Our sole purpose is to provide opportunities and platforms for artists to build their fan base, generate revenue, practice and perfect their craft, and gain quality exposure beyond their local region.

The program is the brainchild of President and CEO of Grann Mingus Entertainment, Marius Grann Mingus (grandson of the legendary jazz composer, Charles Mingus). After several years as a hip-hop artist, ghost writer, and talent showcase promoter, Mingus identified the need to provide struggling artists better opportunities to gain quality exposure and earn a reasonable living through the use of their gifts and talent. In 2004, while living in Los Angeles, California, Mingus began organizing and promoting “On Que” (which later became “Right On Que” in 2007), live talent showcases, at local venues throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

In 2012, he introduced live streaming to the event and changed the name to Live On Q.U.E. After several years of successfully running the Live On Q.U.E., Mingus began to envision an expansion of the program by adding the concepts of American Idol, Ustream, Sound Cloud Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing to provide a broader range of services to the artist community. Creating a one-stop
shop, for a low yearly membership fee, artists can manage their own career with minimum overhead, increase their visibility exponentially, and maintain pride of ownership of their success.

Now residing in “The Meadows” Las Vegas , Grann Mingus is Now working towards a Quality United Entertainment Music Movement that and the development of a New Youth Performing Arts Center here in Las Vegas.
Through the assistance of the online radio show, live showcases and music festivals, we attract QUALITY Followers for the mission/movement to “Let Our Children Hear Music”.


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Phone : 702-957-0036
Email : WhoGotChopsShow@Gmail.com

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